Acts 13:14-43

Acts 13:14-43

Acts 13:14-43

The Gospel: Good News/God News For All (100%) Who Believe

The Body of Paul’s Message v16-37

1: Preparation for the Coming of Christ in the OT Era v17-22

2: Presentation of the Perfect, Crucified/Risen Christ v23-37

The Conclusion of Paul’s Message v38-41

1: Forgiveness of sins is offered by God to us through Jesus Christ v38

This is the Basis of Salvation (Christ Period)

2: “everyone who believes in Him” is freed from all things v39

This is the Terms of Salvation (Faith in Christ Period)

3: However, this is not “Universalism” v40-41

Do not scoff/reject Him

Take This To Heart = Respond from Your Soul to Verses 38-41/Verse 43

Acts 13:1-23