Acts 13:44-52

Acts 13:44-52

Acts 13:44-52

Salvation is of the LORD

Salvation is of the LORD!

Those Who Receive Salvation in Christ

Have God to Praise…

…Those Who Reject Salvation in Christ

Have Themselves to Blame

Take This To Heart

As Augustine (a “Calvinistic” Thinker) Wisely Said

Let Us Pray as Though Everything Depended on God,

But Then Let Us Live/Work as Though Everything Depends on Us!

May TBFers of Calvinistic convictions, Arminian convictions, and of Amyraldian convictions, agree to disagree (in agape love) on the fine under the hood theological details of soteriology…and continue shoulder to shoulder to love/live/serve our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ

Acts 13:14-43