Acts 13:1-23

Acts 13:1-23

Acts 13:1-13

The Story of Mark’s Major Failure Isn’t the Whole Story!


Serious Spiritual Failure in the Lives of Christians Always Has Serious Consequences But God is Not Less Gracious to Believers Who Fail/Fall into Serious Sin Than He is to Unbelievers (“the ungodly who believe” whose “faith is reckoned as righteousness” Romans 4:5) Who Come Out of Sin to Christ to Salvation.

Serious Spiritual Failures in the Lives of Christians Can Undermine Our Credibility and Thus Our Ability to Serve in Certain Ways at Least for a Time…But the Grace of God Can Work to Catalyze Spiritual Renewal Even in the Worst Cases and This Reality Should be 1: Recognized by Believers/Churches 2: Prayed for and 3: Embraced-Rejoiced in When

It Takes Place!

Acts 12:1-25