The Life of Christ A-Z

The Life of Christ A-Z

Tanglewood Bible Fellowship                                                                                                        01/25/2015

The Life of Christ A-Z

Take This To Heart
Don’t Leave Today Without These Five Foundational Truths

1: Supernatural Conception/Nine Months Later the Virgin Birth

(A and B) 1 Person/2 Natures (The Hypostatic Union)

2: Perfect Righteous Life

(C, D, E…) “He who knew no sin…”

3: Substitutionary Atoning Sacrifice

(X) Isaiah 53/Matthew 20:25-28/1 Peter 2

4: Literal Bodily Supernatural Resurrection

(Y) Validates the Saving Power of His SAS

5: Literal Bodily Supernatural Ascension

(Z) Anticipating the 2nd Advent