Introduction to the Book of Acts

Introduction to the Book of Acts

Study of the Book of Acts                                                                                          2/1/2015

Introduction to the Book of Acts

“Jesus Is Alive As Head Of His Bride”


What is the “Book of Acts” (or “The Acts of the Apostles”)?

Who wrote The Book of Acts?

Why Was The Book Written in the First Place?

When Was the Book Originally Written?

Final Question

How can we get a good sense of the overall content of 28 whole chapters?

One Answer

Start by remembering just eight words: “Jesus Is Alive As Head Of His Bride”

J esus ascends

E stablishment of the Church

S alvation of a Lame Beggar

U nleashing of Persecution

S in in the Church


I mpact of Deacons

S tephen’s Stoning


A broad with Philip (Samaria and Gaza)

L ife comes to Saul/Paul

I nvitation/Salvation to Cornelius

V erification of Gentile Salvation

E xecution of James/Escape of Peter


A ntioch Bible Fellowship Flourishes

S ynogogues Strike


H eresy Corrected

E urope Evangelized

A pathy in Athens

D isciples at Corinth


O ffense of the Gospel

F arewell to Ephesian Elders


H ebrews Riot

I nstruction in the Temple

S anhedrin Sizzles


B ondage under Felix

R oman Appeal before Festus

I nflencing King Agrippa

D isaster at Sea

E ntry into Rome