Psalm 11

Psalm 11

How Should Christians Respond

When Our Society is in Spiritual/Moral Freefall?

Psalm 11

For the Choir Director, a Psalm of David

Take This To Heart

Even in perilous times, Christians should punt panic and positively persevere.

Even when the spiritual/moral foundations of a society are destroyed, believers

in the Lord Jesus Christ can continue to build our lives, our families and our churches on those (vilified/rejected) truths as we trust and obey the LORD

walking with Him one day/one step at a time.

Even when our society is in the midst of the inherent degradation caused by

spiritual/moral freefall we can be encouraged by actively embracing a Divine View Point perspective on reality: life now is real and really important, but…

…it is not ultimate and it is only temporary.

John 5:1-18