POGs of TBF 2016

POGs of TBF 2016

2016 Here We Come

The POGs of TBF with Some New Twists for the New Year

Purpose: Matthew 28:19-20

Make Disciples (of Jesus not of Brad or Ginny or James or Olga or Even Ron)

Objectives: Ephesians 4:11-16

The Church Gathered: Edification The Church Scattered: Evangelism

Goals/Functions: Acts 2:42-47

Bible Study, Fellowship, Worship, Prayers…and Evangelism/World Missions

Our Concept of Ministry Includes These Ideas

We’re a Spiritual Battleship Not a Religious Cruiseship

We’re a Spiritual “Whole Foods” Establishment Not a Religious Fast Food Place

We’re a Spiritual Simmons Center Not a Religious Chuckie Cheese

We’re a Good Church With a Long Track Record, But We’re Not the Only Good Church in Duncan or Even the Best Church for Everyone, Because: God’s Program for the World Is < Than Duncan and/or TBF, But It Includes Duncan and TBF

Take This To Heart

If Everyone Else at TBF, Had My Attitudes, Attendance Patterns, Involvement Level…In What Kind of Shape Would Our Beloved Church Be Today…in 2016?

To the Glory of God, PreDecide to Choose Commitment to TBF (Under the Lordship of Christ) Over a Casual or Curious Approach in 2016