Acts 28:1-10

Acts 28:1-10

God’s Miracle Man on Malta

Unique Apostolic Miracles: A Foundational Part of the NT Church

Many of the events recorded in the Book of Acts are descriptive not prescriptive. This is true because the book describes a UNIQUE period and UNIQUE persons. The Apostles had a UNIQUE foundational place in Church History-which cannot be reproduced, but…

…the ULTIMATE Apostolic miracle was the production of the New Testament books!

Ultimately the Cornerstone of the Foundation of the Church is our Lord Jesus Christ:

Who He Is/What He Did as “The Christ, the Son of the Living God”

Closely Associated with the Cornerstone and an Integral Part of the Foundation:

The Words/Works of the Apostles…Climaxing in the Books of the New Testament

The “signs of an Apostle” was given to these men during the first generation of the

C-Church (Ephesians 2:20; 2 Corinthians 12:12) to confirm their message/teaching.

A Foundation (The 1st Generation Apostolic C-Church) is Laid One Time…

…The Superstructure Upon That Foundation Continues to be Constructed:

We do not have to be in Haiti, Mexico, Jordan, China or Guatemala to be a on a mission for our Savior. EACH ONE OF US (as part of the C-Church the Body of Christ) and all of us together (as parts of a good c-Church-TBF) have the opportunity and the obligation today and everyday to participate in the ongoing fulfillment of the Great Commission

of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Acts 27:1-44